India's first Agro Input Industries Sales Automation

  • Automation streamlines target versus achievement for sales, payment collection, inventory management, and delivery logistics.
  • Data analytics empower sales and production operations to make decisions, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Digitizes and optimizes the supply chain. Infographic

Elevate Your Sales Journey:
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Amazing Features

We have carefully crafted features through extensive learning, research, and business analysis. Among these, we would like to highlight the following features.


AOP (Annual Operating Plan) feature, offering strategic planning and comprehensive insights for effective annual business management.

Target vs Achievement

Experience streamlined performance evaluation with the Target vs Achievement feature, facilitating precise tracking and analysis for sales and payment collection.


Optimize your sales strategy with the RSP (Rolling Sales Plan) feature, ensuring dynamic planning and strategic adaptation for sustained business success.

AOP Infographic -

Annual Operating Plan

Empower your annual business planning with our AOP (Annual Operating Plan) feature. Gain comprehensive insights, streamline strategic decision-making, and enhance performance evaluation for a successful year ahead.

  • AOP (Annual Operating Plan) for strategic business planning.
  • Comprehensive insights to guide annual business management.
  • Facilitates goal setting and achievement tracking.
  • Enhances performance evaluation through systematic analysis.

Target vs Achievement

Unlock enhanced business performance with our Target vs Achievement feature, designed to streamline your sales and payment collection goals. With this tracking and analysis, empowering you to manage goals effectively and make strategic adjustments for optimal results.

  • Target vs Achievement feature for precise performance evaluation.
  • Streamlined tracking and analysis of sales and payment collection goals.
  • Enables effective goal management and strategy adjustment.
  • Enhances visibility into goal attainment, fostering strategic decision-making.
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RSP Infographic -


Elevate your sales strategy with our RSP (Rolling Sales Plan) feature. Enjoy dynamic planning, strategic adaptation, and sustained business success.

  • RSP (Rolling Sales Plan) for optimized sales strategy.
  • Dynamic planning to adapt to changing business landscapes.
  • Ensures strategic alignment for sustained success.
  • Encourages flexibility and agility in sales planning.
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